PAT Testing Nationwide

By law, electrical equipment in businesses must be maintained and kept in safe condition, but there are no specific rules about how this must be done or how often maintenance needs to be carried out. Most business owners will opt for regular PAT testing, which can be performed on any electrical item that can be connected and disconnected from an electrical socket.

The frequency of testing will depend on the type of equipment and appliances you have. Items which are used in challenging environments or which are used and moved around very frequently will be at higher risk, which means they will require more frequent testing.

Visual inspections are one of the most important aspects of keeping appliances safe, but the person doing the inspection must know what they are looking out for. PAT testing involves more detail than a simple inspection, and the person carrying it out must have suitable knowledge and equipment to perform the testing and interpret the results. It is not always possible to maintain your electrical devices yourself or leave all the work to your staff. If you want to make sure all your devices are as safe as possible, it is advisable to have the testing done by a trained and qualified electrician.

We are a team of skilled and versatile electricians offering a wide range of services to keep homes and workplaces safe, including PAT testing in York and throughout the rest of the country. We implement a careful and thorough process which involves checking and testing various different aspects of the appliance, compiling detailed reports and making recommendations about what needs to be done to render your appliances safe.

To enhance safety at your premises even further, we also provide 5-year periodic testing in domestic and commercial rental properties, helping landlords to meet their legal requirements and keep the electrical wiring in their properties in full working order. If you would like to find out more about these tests or about any of the other services we offer, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with further information on what we can do for your property.