Electrical installation Services in Leeds

Select Plan Ltd is here to assist both industrial and commercial clients with all electrical requirements. We specialise in installing and upgrading electrics in the public sector, these projects include upgrading the kitchens in schools, hospitals and pubs to accommodate the latest technological advances.

We will visit your premises to determine the best course of action which abides by your conditions and takes your budget into account. Our experienced technicians will offer a viable solution to your kitchen’s requirements, answer any questions and overcome any issues you may have.

Select Plan Ltd can install lighting systems appropriate for the space in your kitchen and provide you with the power to operate efficiently, safe in the knowledge that all work has been undertaken to comply with health and safety regulations.

Once your kitchen electrics have been installed, our team of specialist electricians can carry out a maintenance contract for your business to ensure that the system continues to perform and no issues develop.

If you require a fresh electrical installation in your industrial or commercial property, or would like to find out how we can upgrade your existing systems, contact Select Plan today for services throughout the UK.