Providing lighting installations and upgrades

Lighting is a key component of the aesthetics of any property and, for businesses, good lighting is one of the many things that will help to hook in your customers. If you want to showcase your business or your products as effectively as possible, it’s important to have the right lighting in place. By investing in bespoke lighting solutions, you will bring in the customers. We can provide you with a professional electrician in Cambridge to install lighting solutions that will give your business premises that extra aesthetic edge.

Bespoke lighting is something that every business should consider investing in. Though keeping the old lighting plans and layout of your business in place is certainly a possibility, bespoke lighting will give your business a distinct edge to separate it from its closest competitors. From restaurants to clothing shops, bespoke lighting can benefit every kind of business. Restaurants benefit from calm and subdued lighting, while shops should use lighting that takes full advantage of their layout, highlighting the products that they sell. However, it all depends on the lighting being designed and installed perfectly.

We have extensive experience in not only installing these systems, but maintaining and repairing them as well. This means that, when you come to us for lighting installations, we can install them professionally and also ensure that they do not fail. We can repair industrial three-phase fuseboards and can also carry out regular maintenance checks and PAT testing to ensure that your lighting stays working. We install both external and internal lighting, and we can also install lighting for car parks to provide your customers with somewhere safe and secure to park.

Whatever our clients require, we can provide it for them and ensure that they receive the lighting which perfectly suits their business. Whether you need your entire lighting system replacing, your current system repairing or a new system installing, your needs will be fully met by our team of experts. We have been providing our services for over two decades, and you can be completely assured of our expertise as an electrician in Cambridge.