Fulfilling your safety obligations

Health and safety in the workplace is an important issue. Employers have a duty to provide safe premises for their staff and visitors, and we can help you to achieve this aim. We specialise in the supply of a full range of electrical equipment and services to ensure the well being of our customers, and can provide you with an expert electrician in Cambridge to provide a range of safety and security solutions.

The importance of implementing fire safety systems can never be exaggerated. The most crucial aspect of an internal fire safety system is the early warning facility. Our products consist of smoke alarms and fire alarm systems that offer reliable advanced warnings should smoke or flames be detected. The systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of your location and ensure your safety should fire ever break out on your premises.

We can incorporate further features that serve to reduce the rapid spread of flames. We offer magnetic door release systems that immediately seal on the activation of fire alarms, along with air conditioning systems that instantly shut down.

Power cuts are an inconvenience which often result in a scramble for candles in complete darkness, and a few hours without trading or being forced to close for the day is something every business owner wants to avoid. We can provide you with a backup system that will activate emergency lighting when a loss of power is detected. Our systems ensure business can continue as normal, so you avoid incurring any losses.

PAT testing is an important part of ensuring the safety of your electrical equipment. Portable appliances account for a large number of accidents every year, and as part of workplace safety it is important to have them routinely inspected to make sure they successfully comply with legal requirements. Our thorough and efficient PAT testing service includes visual and functional checks, flash and earth-leakage testing and insulation resistance tests.

We provide a 5 year testing of all electrical installations including lighting and power systems. Our professional PAT testing service is available on a nationwide basis and each client is issued with detailed results and certification when the testing has been completed.

As an approved and fully qualified electrician in Cambridge, we assure our customers of the highest quality service every time. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and professionalism and we put the needs of our customers first. Our engineers have many years of experience and qualifications and are respected throughout the industry for their extensive knowledge and capabilities. Contact us for information and a quotation and we will swiftly deal with every enquiry.