Choosing a reliable electrician

When you choose an electrician in Cambridge to work on your home or business, you want a professional that inspires confidence and one who will deliver the right standard of service. Finding a reliable practitioner can be tough but an easy way to accomplish this is by choosing one with accreditation from NICEIC. They are the leading voluntary regulatory body in the UK and count over 26,000 registered professionals as members. Practitioners with accreditation from them have proven their skills and are assessed annually to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards. We are fully accredited, so you can rest assured we will always offer you the highest standard of service.

Becoming a member of the NICEIC is optional, but shows that the provider is committed to offering the best services possible. The certification is completely impartial so there is no bias at all towards any of the companies; all electricians must show their skills and follow best practice guidelines to become members. When tested practitioners must show they can do work in line with BS 7671 and the newest electrical legislation.

By choosing an NICEIC member you give yourself access to an additional layer of protection in the event that you are unhappy with the service you receive. They have their own complaints procedure and can be called upon to mediate disputes between consumer and electrician.

We are proud to be an NICEIC approved contractor and the first choice for many clients who are in search of a quality electrician in Cambridge. We work across many different fields but always adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. Our services are diverse and encompass everything you would expect from a qualified electrician, from simple installations to helping property owners to reduce their consumption and energy bills.

We can be called on to complete domestic services, commercial ones and even large scale industrial projects. Our NICEIC qualifications even make us the company of choice for local authorities. Our experienced electricians have the skills they need to ensure you get a safe, high quality service. Whether it is installation or maintenance of equipment, electrical surveys or testing, all kinds of clients know they can rely on us.